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Product description


Automatic Die-cutting and Creasing Machine

The HF-1060H/1060W automatic die-cutting and creasing machine is pivotal equipment, which is designed for die cutting,

creasing and cold embossing paper products such as papercassettes, box board containers, paper trademarks, etc.
Unique driving gears are adopted such as high-precision indexing mechanism, pneumatic closed up,pneumatic clutch,

overpower protection, manual compression relief etc., to ensure a stable and high speed running.
This machine is equipped with practical and reliable mechanisms such as pre-stack device, secondary delivery mechanisms,

manual sampling, etc., which ensure the excellent performance of the machine. Electrical components and driving elements

of internationally known brands are adopted to ensure die cutting precision and reliability of running. Also human-machine

interface is used to monitor the machine state to display running status, trouble location, troubleshooting and relevant help

information to fully actualize human-machine communication.

Technical parameters

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