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2018/12/13 13:28
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The "Flute" describes the structure of the wave shaped board material that make up the boards corrugation.

Flutes come in several size, known as flute profiles.

The standard profile ranges are decribed below:

C Flute

This is the most commonly used corrugated box flute. As an all-purpose flute, the C flute has about 41 flutes per foot and provides good sushioning, stacking and printing properties. Some common packaging uses include shipping cartons, master shippers and corrugated box displays.

B Flute

Primarily used for canned goods packaging, the B flute provides the second highest arch size at about 49 flutes per foot. Because of its good stacking strength and crushing resistance, some common uses are for food packaging, retail packaging, POP(point of purchase) displays, die cut inserts and customized print packaging.

E Flute

The E flute is the second most commonly used corrugated box. E flutes are an environmentally friendly substitute for green packaging compared to printed folding cartons. At about 90 flutes per foot, it is also used to print high quaity direct print graphics compared to its counterparts.

Commom used include retail packaging, printed corrugated box packaging, POP packaging, and thoes looking for eco-friendly packaging.

B/C Flute

Superior protection and used for Air conditioner's, refrigerator's and tray requiring high strength.

E/B Flute

Excellent printing surface-Superior Protection-commonly used for high strength boxes with a high quality of printing.


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